𝕮𝖅𝕷𝕿is the solo project of Guillaume Cazalet (Neptunian Maximalism NNMM, Jenny Torse,Aksu). After a first piece of 1 hour spectral music using plasma sounds from NASA and guitar installations with ventilators, he recently worked for contemporary artists Felix Luke & Iñigo Bilbao for the masterpiece "Junkyard", by recording deep drone metal soundscapes like SOMA’swork of SunnO))). Then, since a residency at Kanal-Centre Pompidou, he started to work on a total art performance in a form of an occult ritual mixing gesture protocols and purifying smokes, installation, drone doom metal music, Tibetan throat singing, amplified Indian sitar, flutes, ceremonial costume and wall painting, Enochian keys and fatal Formulas.Born in 1988 in Nîmes, France, CZLT lives and works in Brussels as a musician, painter, sound installer, graphic designer, producer and label director. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ARBA-ESA) and at ISASF La Cambre Architecture, Art and Landscape. He also worked with Eugène Robinson, Koonda Holaa, Marc Dilbak, Sebastien Lacomblez and EOR, Jean Jacques Duerinckx. He released his music on I,Voidhanger Records, Aurora Borealis, Paradigm Recordings, Epictural Productions, Base Records etc.

Vinyl and CD versions of Junkyard impending..

..preorder available soon..