Forged under fire and water, Lunar Mantra is a visionary guide and aural journal of the arcane steps we take, undergoing metamorphosis of divine evolution. The Art fortified by praxis leads us with Her withered hand in divine inspiration, channeling evocations of the Threshold, and darkest thought-forms of man. A Nightside odyssey through the formless void.



Psychosomatika is presented as a libation to the elements and to what and where we arise from. To clear the way for the purging of the impure and a conflagration of sterile mass, brought wayworld at the precession of the tide.

This work bridges the old and new to become one. A tripartite offering, the release incorporates three faces of the same entity, bearing the destructive, creative and oneiric aspects of Self, often forgotten.

Wrought in live dynamics and transformed under introspection, this second offering delves deeper into the harsher aspects of what we consider real or illusory and incorporates traditional and sometimes elemental instrumentation and vocal approaches to fuel the fires and realise primal witness.