MONAD are a three-piece black death metal outfit with influence from classic rock, surf, desert blues, psychedelia et al.The mission statement "I bring not peace by fire and sword" and three earth shattering three track EP's, MONAD is truly a trinity. The Second EP, The Long Haired Kings speaks of Merovingian diadism and gnostic frontiers.. converging in a lament for the rememberence of being and a call to arms.

MONAD exists as a Nexus for Magic, Science, and Religion. In that order.

We have adopted certain Conclusions.

They are:

i) That this civilization is a corrupt manifestation of the fundamental principle of life (that we should Seek to Ascend).

ii)That it has waged a war on The Breedless (Our Kin) since we were first herded into Babalonian Desert Towers. It is our meek duty to respond, in defence of The Spirit.

iii)That it can be washed away, in water and The Spirit. Only a Nomad is free to Ascend, to Die, or Live, by their actions, and acceptance of consequence.

Stage one:

know thyself, find thy Caravan, Lead and Follow. If this is done with purity of insight and purpose, Integrity will follow, apparent without proselytism.

Stage two:

Seek the company of those of a shared Spirit. When a party all follow truth, and have satisfied the criteria for Stage one, hierarchy becomes a relic.

Stage three:

Remove one's vulnerabilities, whether defects, past shame, exposed viscera, or untested Alliances. This can be achieved far more effectively through acceptance than jihad.

Stage four:

Retreat to one's own Alamut, as free from vulnerabilities as can be achieved.

Stage five:

Communicate, clearly and effectively, that respect and interdependence are far, far preferable than enmity. If the source of that enmity can be removed or reconciled, praise be.

If not, the terms "Hashishin" and "Fedayin" are interchangeable