Selbst - Secular Compendium

Selbst - Secular Compendium

Essential compilation with all the Selbst songs from the "Veritas Filia Temporis" demo cassette, split with Holbach "Aversio a deo et conversio ad creaturas" & split with Aversio Humanitatis & Nihil "Three Ways Of Consciousness", rare and hard to find songs, totally remastered in 2018 by the Empty Hall Studio.
released July 18, 2018


released January 30, 2020

N - All music and lyrics
Frozen - Vocals
Carl Anthony Rojas - Drum session on tracks 1, 2
Addu - Drum session on tracks 3, 4
Vezzmar - Drum session on track5

Cover art by BMS Illustration

Released by Sun & Moon Records