The Long Haired Kings - MONAD - CDR
  • The Long Haired Kings - MONAD - CDR

    +The Long Haired Kings+

    +War Without End [No Remorse]+
    +The Desert Towers+
    +The Desert Drowns+

    [+The Sons of Sorrow+]
    +HM+Tribal Death Beats+
    +RC+Scythe Dervish+Howlz+
    +SM+Low End Remembrancer+Backing croonz+
    [+Nomadic Gnostic Front+Pariah Messiahs+Nexus Underlords+Masters of Reality+]

    +Circumradiant mastery beneath Enoch's Arch+
    +I came not to send peace, but a sword [Matthew 10:34]+

    +Recorded live in The Calm Before The Storm as Saharan sands crossed our northern skies+Oct 2018+
    +16ohm Glasgow Eastside by+Tommy Duffin+mixed by+RC++
    +All sounds channelled by+MONAD+2016+2017+

    +MONAD Great Triad Seal+War Without End+images visualized by+SM+
    +The New Jerusalem+artwork by+RUSSELL+D+ELDER+SM+


    released January 30, 2019


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